The Great Race

On Sunday, June 18th, my third day in SA, we had our official welcome session and introduction to our internship and camp rules. The last American intern, Summer, also arrived to camp that day. We did icebreakers, and learned about J-life and the current state of missions in South Africa and throughout the continent. On... Continue Reading →

Arriving in South Africa

I had originally planned to write a post about week 1, but it turned out to be a post about day 1 and 2 instead. The journey to South Africa was an adventure in itself. I was originally supposed to fly out on June 14th, but after about 5 hours in the Cedar Rapids airport,... Continue Reading →

The Basics

This summer, I filled up an entire journal and another page on my passport. There is a lot of content to cover, but I’ve decided to start with the basics and answer two simple questions: where I went and what my schedule looked like. Where did I go? First, I want to address the common... Continue Reading →

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